Code of Ethics

The IN-ABC supports strict adherence to ethical behavior and as per association By-Laws, all members are bound to abide by a stringent Code of Ethics.

The entire Code of Ethics, is available for download and review in PDF format.

If you are involved in an ethics inquiry, please veiw the IN-ABC Ethics Inquiry Process Flowchart in PDF format.

Ethics Violation Reporting

In the event that any IN-ABC member Behavioral Consultant is suspected to be in violation of any particular tenet stated in the Code of Ethics, an Ethics Violation Inquiry Form may be filed with the IN-ABC Ethics Committee.

There is no restriction upon, or qualification for, who may file an Ethics Violation Inquiry Form. Any concerned party may file a request for an inquiry. However, prior to filing, please review the entire Code of Ethics to be certain that violation of an ethical tenet is indeed in question.

Once an Inquiry Form has been received, the Ethics Committee will investigate the issue and work toward resolution within 30 days.

To file an Ethics Violation Inquiry Form:

Following completion of the form(s), please mail or email all forms and supporting documents to the Ethics Committee Chairperson as noted below:

Mari Shawcroft
550 S. Adams St.
Bloomington, IN 47403
tel: 812-333-6324

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