Blue Sheet 2018

As delivered by Kelly Hartman, INABC Professional Liaison, to membership at our annual conference on November 1, 2018.

BLUE SHEET: First Responder Information

Collaboration continues with Midtown Mental Health here in Indy on a First Responder Task Force that specifically works through issues of Immediate Detentions and frequent police and EMT calls for people in group homes and waiver sites. This is a collaborative group with mental health, waiver case management, BQIS, the court system and IMPD. This group had been meeting monthly – but in 2019 will meet quarterly.

One significant outcome from this group that was piloted with some individuals in the Indy area we called the BLUE SHEET. The Blue sheet came from a successful initiative in Washington State where basic information was maintained for individuals – specifically those for whom police or other first responders were frequently involved. You will see on your table that there are blue sheets for all of you to have as an example. Additionally, we will share this with the membership, most likely on our website. This is simply a tool to be used to facilitate success for our folks when first responders are involved. We all know those folks who “should not be touched” or who are afraid when and will run if they see police. This blue sheet is a one-pager that can be shared with first responders so that difficult reactions can be avoided.

It is my great hope – that as we seek to best support our folks — that INABC members will begin to use this as a simple tool… that we can eventually effect change and that first responders will begin to expect this kind of information to best support our folks.

INABC 2018 Blue Sheet // PDF Download(please photocopy on blue paper)