Welcome to the Indiana Association of Behavioral Consultants

Through professional advocacy, support and development, IN-ABC promotes effective, ethical and quality behavioral services.

2021 Membership !

A little bit about us

IN-ABC began organizing in the summer of 2001 in response to the need to increase both the quality and consistency of behavior support services to Medicaid Waiver recipients in the State of Indiana. Thousands of people with developmental disabilities continue to benefit from services rendered through this program.

This association, over the course of the past seventeen years has accomplished a great deal and has collectively made significant strides toward homogenizing the language of Behavioral Consultants across the state and establishing best practices in our field. We continue to provide input to policy makers and have access to ongoing, pertinent communication at the state level.

Please join us in furthering these efforts as we all strive to provide quality behavioral supports to people achieving success in their lives.

Association Meetings

In addition to our Annual Conference, INABC meets three times each year in order to network with one another and discuss current issues pertinent to our field. CEU Opportunities are also available, at no cost !

Best Practices

BSP, FBA and best practice policy documents  are now available for review and download. Take a look at the documents and dig deeper into the important best practices in the industry.

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INABC represents over 400 Behavioral Consultants, working for more than 40 agencies throughout the state. Have you joined yet ?