INABC Committee Mission Statements

Get Involved!

INABC has four standing committees that serve the membership by providing accountability (Ethics), education (Risk Management), collaborative opportunities (Partners in Practice), and advancement (Professional Credentialing). Volunteering for one of our committees is a great way for you to get involved and share your talents with the membership !

For more information or to inquire about joining a committee, please contact the respective committee chairperson.

Committee Chair, Mari Shawcroft

  • The Ethics Committee’s mission is to provide a forum for discussion and education related to ethical dilemmas that arise within the INABC membership, as well as to review and make recommendations of any ethical complaints/concerns sent to the committee.
  • Reporting information can be found here.

Partners in Practice
Committee Chair, Gail Kahl

  • The Partners and Practice Committee presents a balanced, pro-development perspective for the membership’s benefit. These perspectives encompass the diversity of INABC’s members which include independent contractors, agencies of a variety of sizes and services, and CEOs. The Committee shall facilitate collaboration between businesses, non-profit organizations and government agencies in which risks, resources, and skills are shared in projects which benefit both the partners and community in general.

Professional Credentialing
Committee Chair, Chastity Wright

  • The Professional Credentialing Committee’s mission is to support INABC in taking the first steps towards the long-term goal of licensure by providing INABC members the encouragement and structure to earn their Registered Behavior Consultant credential.
  • RBC application material can be found here.

Risk Management
Committee Chair, Veronica Fox

  • The Risk Management Committee’s mission is to identify assess, and prioritize risks in order to minimize the impact and maximize the opportunities for INABC and its members.

  • Periodically, the RMC issues informational one-sheets.